Benito  HUERTA - Welcome


Have you ever tried "Google-ing" your name? Well I did, I was curious as to what  I would find. I'm not a very interesting guy but I figure I might be able to dig out some interesting information. I'm sure most of you reading this have done that yourself…right? So I go to the Google site, type in my full name and hit enter wait 3 micro seconds and to my big  surprise there were over 1 million hits.  I couldn't believe it "Benito Huerta A Working Class Hero", "Benito Huerta Shock and Awe", "Benito Huerta Solo Exhibit".  You don't believe me?! Well go ahead and try it.. go now, I'll wait…… Ok so I started clicking on some of these sites and what do you know, another shock, none of the sites were actually about me… Well actually that wasn't a big shock, like I said earlier, I'm not a very interesting guy.  It turns out that there is some famous artist by the name of Benito Huerta. There is a lot of information about him on the web. He even had his own web site and his address was (you guessed it)  So  I go to his site poke around a little, quickly lose interest then go to bed.

A few months later my wife wanted me to create a web site for her business. I've never done this before but I figure how hard can it be right?  So I search for a domain name at Now if any of you have tried this you will learn quickly that all the good names are taken. It was a frustrating experience but I kept trying different name combinations and in the process I decide to type in my name. I was very surprised to discover that the name www. was available. Now I remember how popular this artist was and on impulse I bought the name. "Maybe he  let the name go by mistake",  I thought, "He might want it back  and pay me big money for it". ( I know, stupid thinking).  So I made the purchase and wait for his call, and wait… and wait… and wait some more. Then almost a year later another surprise… nobody wants the stupid name ( I know, I know ), and also that I am out ten bucks. ( Yes it only cost me ten dollars, I may be a dreamer but I'm not a stupid dreamer,  $10 per year thats it). Anyway so here I am stuck with the domain name that happens to be my name and nothing to show for it. Now you should know that I hate to build web sites. This despite the fact that I am a software developer and at times I am required to do this, I consider myself a back-end guy, I leave the front end stuff (what you see on your screen now) to others.  But back to my story, I have a domain name, with no site. As I stated earlier, my job sometimes requires me to build websites so I decide what the hell, practice building a web site. How hard can it be right?; besides I need the practice. And thats it, what you see know is the end result.  So you see, I'm not full of myself, I don't think I'm interesting enough to have a web site or anything, I'm only doing this for practice. :)

By the way, In case you are wondering, (and if you read this far then you probably have nothing else to do anyway). I found the perfect name for Norma’s website, by the way Norma is my wife. Her site is she is a Speech Pathologist, and a very good one at that. Check outer site, its pretty nice.


Why build a site about you?